Introduction To FLY London Boots

FLY London is a upcoming fashion footwear brand with a range of quality women’s boots available in a range of great looking and durable styles to suit all occasions. With a distinctive look, instantly recognisable logo and classic sole design FLY London boots create a bold statement whilst delivering great quality.

With a strong ethos not to follow fashion, as this can be superficial, FLY takes it’s inspiration from a number of ideas including music, art, technology and sports. With this in mind along with their office motto of “Ever changing, ever developing” the team at FLY London continue to push fashion forward with their unique and original boots.

Here’s a run down of three of FLY London’s most popular boot. All these boots include the embossed logo, premium leather uppers, zip up legs, and adjustable calf fittings.

FLY Mol Boots gatwick lateral flow test 

The Mol boot by FLY is one of the most popular of the range. These knee high boots are made of high quality waxed leather giving them incredible durability and strength. The sole is a the classics low wedge heel making these boots suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. To ensure a fantastic fit this boots include an inside zip and outside buckle allowing you to adjust the fit around your calf. Finished with an embossed logo these boots are sure to give you a fantastic look.

FLY Mes Boots

The Mes Boot is equally as popular as the Mol Boots. This calf high boot sits on molded chunky rubber sole and similar to the Mol includes an inside zip and buckle to ensure unrivalled comfort. If you’re looking for a boot that offers unparalleled comfort whilst maintaining a fantastic look then the Mes is probably the boot for you.

FLY Yule Boots

The Yule boot is another popular high boot with the classic wedge sole. This fantastic boot includes a Velcro fastener at the top of the leg to allow you to adjust it to fit your calf perfectly. Once you’ve tightened it to the right size you can hide the Velcro with an integrated fold over tab. Similar to both the Mes and Mol the Yule includes a side fastening zip, making it easy to put on, and take off the boots without the need for an assistant.

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